Halkin Software Solutions

Advances in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has yielded higher resolution cameras and the ability to map large areas and display detailed infrared images. Due to these new developments as well as the advent of compatible software programs, numerous industries are now adopting aerial services.

These industries benefit from increased safety, more accurate statuses of equipment and infrastructure conditions, and faster repair times. Some notable industries that have adopted Halkin Software Solutions include:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil Fields
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Applications
  • Transportation Infrastructure

About Halkin Software Solutions

Halkin Software Solutions platform provides a state-of-the-art, customizable scale-rendered 3D model of your facility annotated with inspection results and facility management functions.

Halkin UAV pilots originate the software customization process with a preprogrammed, automated drone flight that captures hundreds of ultra-high-resolution images of the facility. These images are then overlapped through a patented software process to generate a scale-rendered, 3D orthomosaic map, a 3D textured model, and auto CAD compatible file formats of the facility.

3D Mapping

Our 3D mapping solution also shows detailed terrain, elevation, and geological features surrounding assets. Whether you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view for a marketing application or you want to get a detailed and current image of an asset, Halkin will deliver a sophisticated 3D map of your facility or transportation infrastructure.

With UAV’s ability to cover large areas quickly and get in close to obtain detailed images, our 3D mapping software can provide an accurate and detailed image that just a few years ago would have taken expensive photographic equipment and a large team of technicians.

What Sets Halkin Apart

HAS software engineers annotate the textured model with directional “buttons” that open and provide Halkin’s UAV inspection results, including reports, anomalies, and recommendations.

Our engineers can also annotate the scale-rendered model with functions particular to our client’s in-house management procedures. Below are a few of the property management activities Halkin Aerial can integrate into the 3D facility model:

  • Preventative maintenance logs and reports
  • Progress reporting for capital improvement projects
  • Capital improvement project planning and design
  • Envelope, rooftop, and window inspection analysis and reports
  • Energy Efficiency retrofit project planning, execution, measurement, and verification
  • Solar energy shading analysis and array design and placement
  • Green Roof project planning, execution, measurement and verification

When it comes to gathering data, there are endless options. However, without having an accompanying analysis or the ability to make sense of the data, the information provides little to no value for an organization.

Imagine, with our software suites, you’ll be able to do so much more without needing to employ extra resources. For example, if you’re working on developing a preventive maintenance schedule, our reports can provide you with trended data and forecasts that help you plan smartly.

Please contact us to customize, your 3D-based software platform to see how your facility can realize enhanced operational efficiency, lower operating costs, and increased marketability.

  • Initial automated UAV flight and Image Capture
  • 3 Dimensional, Scale Rendered Orthmosaic Model Creation
  • Integration of facility operational functions and building inspection / analysis reports