Collaborative, 3D Software

SeraPointTM is a geo-referenced, highly collaborative, scale rendered modeling  platform initiated by advanced, automated drone flights.

Data from drone flights is processed and rendered within secured client portals where our customers can access their virtual, 3D assets. SeraPointTM classifies and categorizes your assets to provide simplistic, comprehensive interaction every time you log on. 

Our clients’ login to their secure private portals to utilize design, reporting and collaborative functions within their virtual environment. SeraPointTM users can invite an unlimited quantity of additional users to operate within their platform. These can include customers, prospective customers, vendors, contractors, inspectors, request for proposal platform, etc., etc., etc.!  SeraPoint Users realize increased efficiency and reduced operational expenditures, immediately.

HOW We do IT

Drone Initiated, 3D Asset Management

SeraPointTM, our proprietary georeferenced asset management and collaborative platform, uses automated drones to scale all types of existing assets and projects. These include:

  • SeraPoint Insurance Solutions
  • As Built Documentation
  • Campus / Facility Management
  • Construction / Project Management
  • Land Surveying
  • Inspection Services


Our Inspection division has been providing superior service and reporting since 1982. Our inspectors are certified to perform the following types of inspection and reporting.

  • Infrared /Thermal Inspection
  • Materials Corrosion Inspection
  • ASNT Visual Inspection
  • Structural Integrity