Industrial Facilities

Technology has come a long way since the first tactical appearance of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was made during World War II. Since those early years, drones have evolved, both in design and use. Still, it wasn’t until 2016 that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorized their use for commercial purposes.

Modern UAV Applications for Industrial Facilities

Today, UAVs are a professional industrial tool that can help reduce costs, save time, and gather decision-making data. As every aspect of manufacturing becomes more competitive in today’s global marketplace, utilizing drone technology, including 3D mapping and infrared systems, can enhance a company’s competitiveness and increase profits.

The applications for UAV technology are only bound by one’s imagination. Here are what some of our clients use Halkin for:

  • Performing routine inspections to save time and resources while preventing many safety hazards for staff and key personnel.
  • Measuring stockpiles of inventory for accurate calculations and preventing waste.
  • Providing valuable security measures that enable both limitless, area-wide surveillance, and more concentrated, focused perspectives.
  • Reducing human involvement in hazardous tasks.
  • Minimizing facility outage periods during inspections.
  • Obtaining reliable data in difficult environmental conditions.

Clients that we work with in these types of industries make use our technology for 3D mapping, gathering timely data and detecting issues and problems that the human eye may not be able to see. Prime examples include corrosion, rust, and temperature hot spots.

Use UAV Technology to Gain a Competitive advantage

Halkin has several packages available. Sometimes a business needs a snapshot of a current situation or area, especially when it comes time to schedule routine maintenance and repairs. Other times, our clients need either around the clock or on-demand monitoring and data collection so that operators and managers can make informed decisions in real time.

In-house UAV Services vs. Hiring an Outside Service Provider

Some companies choose to keep this type of functionality in-house. They invest heavily in infrastructure, equipment, and training. Other organizations realize that they’re better suited focusing on their core competencies. By choosing to work with Halkin, industrial facilities are able to take advantage of our assets and skill sets, including compliance with FAA regulations, adequate insurance coverage, a fully trained and professional staff, maintenance of vehicle assets, and value-added reported capabilities.

Types of Industrial Facilities We Work With

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Cold Storage
  • Data Centers
  • Foundries
  • Food Processing
  • Beverage Processing and Bottling
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment

Some Types of Anomalies Detected

  • Missing parts
  • Moisture
  • Leaks
  • “Hot” electrical equipment
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Missing or broken welds
  • Cracked or degraded critical metal
  • Warping and heat stress
  • Faulty mechanical equipment
  • Excess heat or cold leaks
  • Insulation defects

The potential for drones to create and add value in industrial facilities like manufacturing and data centers is endless. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals can handle even the most complex industrial enterprises. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.