Independent Insurance Adjustment, Assessment and Valuation

Halkin Aerial service has Certified Insurance Independent Adjustors on staff. Our services are contracted to various insurers and large corporations.

Provide detailed inspection reports to insurers.

  • Identification of roof anomalies
  • Identification of exterior equipment anomolies
  • Detailed measurement of all facets and roof panel
  • Identification and Analysis of Building Envelope Components
    • Windows, seals, insulation, coating, etc.


  • Receive address to house, building, or facility
  • Upload flight plan to UAV
  • Execute UAV flight
  • Generate scale rendered report
  • Annotate anomalies on to report
  • Distribute to underwriter.

We work with public and company adjustors, underwriters and estimators. Please contact us today to process faster, more concise and economical insurance claims.