Pioneers of Inspection and Analysis

Halkin was originally founded in 1982 to perform non-destructive testing services for a variety of industries, facilities, equipment and critical infrastructure. We conduct Infrared, visual, corrosion, and 3 dimensional aerial surveying / inspection, analysis and reporting services in a more economical, safe, and comprehensive manner.

Halkin is a state of the art UAV based inspection, analysis and operations software provider. The markets we serve are industrial, critical infrastructure, commercial and multifamily real estate, and agricultural operations (crop and livestock management). Below are a few ways our customers’ benefit from Halkin’s analysis and reporting:

Why Choose Halkin?

Reduced material / Infrastructure failure


Reduced operating

Software Solutions building operation functions


Greater revenue at increased frequency


Reduces insurance


Enhanced marketability for prospective tenants



NACE/CIP Coatings and Corrosion Inspection

Level II NDT ANSI/ASNT CP-105/189 Thermography (Infrared)

Level II NDT/ASNT Visual Inspection

FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Certification (Pilots)

Certified Interior Drone Pilots (Elios UAV Systems)

Example Of  Work