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Visual Inspection

All industrial and civil sites with inaccessible areas are viewed by trained inspectors

Infrared Inspection

Used for detecting structural moisture intrusion, envelope efficiency and excessive hear / cold.

Drone Based Methane Leak Detection

Precise pinpoint location and historical referencing of methane concentrations out of acceptable standards.

Structural Integrity

Civil and commercial structural evaluation

Materials Inspection

Visual Imaging of industrial materials, atmospheric degradation from heat, moisture, chemicals, and other environmental hazards in compromised surroundings.


Multi spectral technology is used to detect cellular respiration levels, estimate crop yields, optimize irrigation systems and fertilizer usage.

About Us

Originally founded in 1982, Halkin’s certified technicians, inspectors, pilots, and software engineers have been providing testing, inspection, and reporting services for 40 years. The industries we have served include petrochemical refining, energy infrastructure, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and agricultural enterprises. All our inspection reports are generated and delivered on our proprietary software platform called SeraPoint. SeraPoint is a visual, geo-referenced, highly collaborative, 3-dimensional scale rendered modeling platform initiated by advanced, automated drone flights. SeraPoint provides design, measurement, reporting and collaborative functions in a scale-rendered, geo-referenced, virtual environment. Our patented “geobrowser” makes SeraPoint the first platform capable of using advanced, automated drone flights to bring any property to your fingertips in scale renderings accurate to within 1 inch. Our clients can invite an unlimited quantity of users to their secure, private portal for customers, prospective customers, vendors, contractors, investors, or co-workers. SeraPoint is also used to create As-Built drawings through advanced automated drone flight programming.

Say goodbye to organizing thousands of individual photos and videos. Our survey-grade rendering technology stiches high resolution imagery into a 3-dimensional model where you can zoom and pan any site, at any angle, at any time. SeraPoint captures your site more accurately and comprehensively than is possible with the naked eye. The site is then displayed in multiple layers which can be manipulated in numerous ways depending on the type of result needed to execute different tasks. In essence the project is viewed in a multi-dimensional facet giving interested parties access to information previously unavailable.

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