Pioneers of Inspection and Analysis

Halkin was originally founded in 1982 to perform non-destructive testing services for all types of industries and market sectors. Through technological advances in the unmanned aerial systems (Drones) industry, Halkin has re-emerged as a state-of-the-art 3D mapping, surveying and inspection company utilizing SeraPointTM, a proprietary UAV Initiated Data platform.

SeraPointTM is a visual, geo-referenced, highly collaborative, scale rendered modeling platform initiated by advanced, automated drone flights.

Once the data from the Drone flights are scale rendered and placed on SeraPoint, customers access their 3D Models by logging into secured Client Portals on  This includes design and reporting tools, open collaboration (invitation) with other users (Customers, Vendors, Contractors, Inspectors, Prospective Customers, Request for Proposal Platform, etc., etc., etc.!) Each day, our customers and colleagues discover benefits SeraPoint brings to daily lives, in a highly financially and aesthetically rewarding fashion.  SeraPointTM users increase efficiency and reduce operational expenditures immediately!

How it all Starts!

#1.  Halkin’s certified Drone pilots and software engineers design unique flight plans for the project or asset.

#2. Halkin’s certified Drone pilots execute the flight plan within FAA regulations OR Halkin Software engineers remotely send flight plans to Customer’s trained FAA pilots for automated Drone flight execution.

#3. Resulting Data is remotely sent to SeraPoint software Engineers for ultra-fast rendering and placement on SeraPoint.

#4. Automated and personal testing is performed on models to ensure complete rendering integrity and functionality.

#5. Our Customers are trained (A-Z!) how to utilize and realize all of SeraPoint’s functions and benefits.

#6. Ongoing support and real-time technical support, always.

#7. If you are not satisfied with SeraPoint, you will not be charged.

Reduced material / Infrastructure failure


Reduced operating

Software Solutions building operation functions


Greater revenue at increased frequency


Reduces insurance


Enhanced marketability for prospective tenants



NACE/CIP Coatings and Corrosion Inspection

Level II NDT ANSI/ASNT CP-105/189 Thermography (Infrared)

Level II NDT/ASNT Visual Inspection

FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Certification (Pilots)

Certified Interior Drone Pilots (Elios UAV Systems)